Fusion of colour & form

paintings with mixed techniques

Ikuko Deguchi - Peters

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts - Faculty of Sculpture, Tama University of Art, Tokyo, Japan

For many years I painted natural forms, like landscapes, humans, animals and plants in classical technique. It refreshed the basics of my drawing techniques of line and perspective which I had learned in a early age. But due to my experience as sculptor, I was no longer satisfied with flat surface. Then, parallel to these motives, I began to create with an idea of 3 dimensional paintings. Technically that did not mean moulding a relief, but rather creating the impression in the viewer of being inside, or going through the painting, rather looking at it from outside.

So there I began, or rather went back to the form of Spherical Dimension that I had used when challenged as a sculptor.


Ikuko Deguchi - Peters



Time & Space

Time & Space

Moon & Water


Dragons Egg

Dragon's Egg

My favorite reading materials are mythology, folklore, fairy tale and science fiction.
One day it started as “Somewhere deep in the mountain (or bottom of ocean), a baby Dragon is still sleeping in his shell, but something had shaken his sweet and warm home…..“
I use Dragon as a symbol and also metaphor of beginning of universe. This series has started around same time as Magic Forest., and developed into the concept of Time and Space.
I started to make my own painting Materials; powdered minerals such as quartz and semi precious stones, sand from beach. This is advantage to live in Sri Lanka, then I am able to obtain those materials easily and also inexpensively. Pigments, Ink stick, gold leaves and dust for Japanese traditional painting are most essential for my palette.