Ikuko Deguchi - Peters

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts - Faculty of Sculpture, Tokyo, Japan

For many years I painted natural forms, like landscapes, humans, animals and plants in classical technique. It refreshed the basics of my drawing techniques of line and perspective which I had learned in a early age. But due to my experience as sculptor, I was no longer satisfied with flat surface. Then, parallel to these motives, I began to create with an idea of 3 dimensional paintings. Technically that did not mean moulding a relief, but rather creating the impression in the viewer of being inside, or going through the painting, rather looking at it from outside. So there I began, or rather went back to the form of Spherical Dimension that I had used when challenged as a sculptor.

Ikuko Deguchi Peters is a Japanese Artist based in Sri Lanka

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Ikuko Deguchi - Peters

Email: ikohapa44@gmx.de 
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