When the tip of my paintbrush contacts/strikes the canvas it marks a clearly defined spot and by continuing the movement my brush creates an entirely new space which didn't exist anywhere before this very moment.

Straight line, square, vertical line, horizontal line,..... lines of all kinds create a space , fixed onto the canvas, a space which cannot break free. In our imagination, however, we associate an endless host of other spaces with this individual space.

The smallest and the largest line are identical in their structure. They generate new forms, which in an endless process of alterations give birth again to other forms. The source of all the alterations is time, which is not related to the time we measure with a clock.

Time and space are the original criterium of everything. They create everything, they change everything. Because of them there is beauty and our own existence.

Space and time, this is what I want to portray. How can I describe on the two dimensional canvas the tridimensional world ? For me this does not mean that I must portray everything in a tridimensional way. I think it is important to sense the tridimensional apparition which transgresses the surface of the canvas and the energy involved in this act. This is what I must express visually and imaginary and with profoundness. Then by adding the element of time a four dimensional space is created. It is virtually impossible to depict this fourth element. However, I think it should be possible to feel it as a concept (idea) visually and imaginary quasi on our skin. If I can transfer this feeling onto the canvas, I should finally succeed in creating a "time and space" painting. One enters the painting, walks thru it and starts to glide into infinity.
If there exists a gate to time and space also a painting can be the gate-opener.

Will I ever be able to paint a painting that will meet these selfimposed tasks ? My body is enclosed in time and space. In steady search for an answer to this question I will continue my work as a painter longing for endless time and space.